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Welcome if you are new to this site and prepare to enter the world of Classic Motorcycling on AJS and Matchless machines!

The Scottish Section we are a group of enthusiasts who treasure their AJS & Matchless machines. The parent company of these machines Associated Motor Cycles Ltd (AMC) collapsed in 1966, so these machines are mostly 60 years old or more. Although there are AJS machines on sale today these are made in China, owners of these machines are welcomed by our club and are eligible to join our events although they are not eligible for most awards. It is a tremendous responsibility to own and/or drive one of these examples of our automotive history and we believe we should do our bit to keep our examples of these marques as part of the the active road going experience for not only for ourselves, but as an experience that can be shared with everyone.

In order that we can enjoy our machines by using them as they were meant to be used we have a programme of events which we stage and/or attend each year.

These events comprise of an International Rally, a National Rally (the Jampot), the Alternative Rally (for machines of the marque only) and one or two Scottish Section weekends.

The social side of the section activities is not restricted to the above events. We also have an annual Section Dinner in addition to our regular monthly meetings.

Meeting Place

The Hawes Inn South Queensferry.

On the second Monday of the Month at 7.30pm

We are always happy to meet up with others who have an interest in AJS & Matchless machines. Please feel free to attend. A typical meeting will have plenty of time for general chat, problem solving discussions and planning for forthcoming events.

Forthcoming Events

Our programme for the 2018 season can be found by pressing the Button on the right 'Programme'. Our aim is to have one event a month starting in May with the International Jampot Rally in Portugal.

We are also on Facebook!

We have a Facebook page which we hope you will visit and 'Like' we encourage more participation on this page by all those 'Doing things' with their AJS or Matchless Machine. Even if you think that this does not apply to you, why not visit the facebook page anyway as this is a great way of keeping our geographically challenged membership in touch. Facebook also allows any member to comment about our adventures two wheels.


The committee members are:

Chairman; Position Vacant

Treasurer; Ken McPhee

Secretary;Rod Towers

Organiser; Helen Towers

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